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While becoming a national expert on Ethics in the field of Vocational Rehabilitation I have learned many lessons.  And now, I am sharing those lessons with people in other fields.

Being a professional improviser has benefitted me as an instructor.  When the unexpected happens, I am able to think quickly and react professionally.  I share what I have learned in Improv through many of my trainings and presentations.

In 2008 I encountered Motivational Interviewing quite by accident and fell in love with it.  Since that time I have worked with various groups to help unravel the paradox of how giving advice can discourage desired change.

A Pie in the Face of Adversity

Life is full of adversity, big and small. Everyday our resilience is challenged. This keynote reveals practical ways to increase professional resilience in an atmosphere of audience interaction and laughter. Learn more about this keynote option.

Ethics: When no one else is looking    

Most of us lie a little and cheat a little every day, yet ironically we also see ourselves as ethical people. This disconnect is rarely examined as we speed through our busy lives. Ethical behavior is a set of skills to be cultivated. In this session we will explore some of the pitfalls of daily decision making and how each of us can become more ethical.

Enhancing Resilience

We cannot control many of the challenges we face. But we can control our reactions to these events. Research has demonstrated that resilient people are more successful, happier and healthier. In this session participants will examine how they respond to adversity and explore methods to improve their resilience.

What You Will Learn:
  1. Recognize pitfalls in common reactions
  2. Identify personal strengths and characteristics
  3. Approach adversity with more personal control

This 4-8 hour workshop examines our individual responses to adversity and allows participants to practice methods to become more resilient.

Improving Communication and Listening Skills

We process massive amounts of information per second yet only a sliver is processed by our conscious brain. And we often communicate without conscious thought. This means much of our communication is governed unconscious reactions based on our experiences, values and judgements. In order to communicate clearly we must become aware of our automatic reactions and learn how to guide them with conscious thought. We must also identify and understand those automatic reactions in others.

In this 4-8 hour class we will explore the nuances of human communication, and practice ways to improve that communication.

A Taste of Motivational Interviewing

Motivational Interviewing is a “collaborative conversation to strengthen a person’s motivation and commitment to change.” In this workshop we will explore the basic concepts of Motivational Interviewing and experience a taste of how it may be applied. This session is informative, interactive, and fun.

This is a 1–4 hour presentation.

Success comes from delivering what the customer wants in an engaging way.  I begin by listening to my customers to gain an understanding of their needs and objectives, then proposing a tailored approach. Customization can run from subtle adjustments of existing material all the way to creation of something unique.

“The Georgia Rehabilitation Association thanks you for helping make our 2019 annual training conference a success! Your presentation on Building Flexibility & Resilience While Managing Change was well received, as evidenced by the standing ovation you received from all our attendees! The conference hosted over 200 rehabilitation professionals, and, thanks to you, they left with much needed information and resources to continue and improve the provision of quality services to individuals with disabilities. Thank you for all the work you do in this important arena, and best wishes in your future endeavors.

Cecelia Walker, Program Chair – Georgia Rehabilitation Association

Linda is a consummate professional, always bringing ‘her all’ on stage and hitting it out of the park with her on-target humor and impeccable timing. She is passionate, highly energetic, and fosters a truly cooperative and collaborative environment on stage.”

      Jennifer Javornik – Director of Consulting at CGI