A Pie in the Face of Adversity

A robust sense of resilience is a powerful attribute in any professional field.  Surprises are the new normal.  Adversity will bog down those who don’t cultivate a strong pattern of resilience.

By blending research on resilience and laughter, and incorporating the improvisational concept of “yes and”, I have created a unique approach for throwing A Pie in the Face of Adversity.

In this keynote address we will:

  • Explore our personal reactions to stressful situations and practice improving our resilience.   
  • Experience humor and enjoy the short-term effects while exploring long-term health benefits.
  • Identify simple workplace activities to enhance humor and improve workplace resilience.

We cannot control adversity, but we can control our reactions to it.   

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your presentation, Pie in the Face of Adversity, at the 2016 Vocational Rehabilitation Symposium: Celebrating Our Successes!

Your presentation was perfect for the conclusion of our symposium. You presented tremendously important information about how to become more resilient in the face of change and adversity. Your ability to “sprinkle” the information with humor and personal stories kept the audience excited to listen to what you had to say. Additionally, the interactive activities created a lively exchange among attendees.

We appreciate the role you played in making our symposium a success. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and insights.

Theresa Koleszar MS, CRC, Director, Bureau of Rehabilitation Services